Creating a beautiful garden paths – For wide

Decoration for garden

Creating beautiful garden paths - this is one of the key elements of the landscape. It gives a new and elegant look to your garden, the different areas, unites and helps to achieve a complete set. The type and number of paths depend on the size of the earth, the garden and the style of garden design and decoration of the house.

Just create garden paths for a classic look


The paths in the garden can be clearly defined or go somewhere lost in the grass, often, they are also limited by borders or flowers. In general, the garden paths can be divided into two large groups - they run as a string from one point to another, and they wrap themselves freely, liquidation, despite all the planning and organization. There is also a third type called "Roman way: step by step", which can be attributed to the second group.

Particularly paths clearly give a classic look to any outdoor space. Such a path around the house, starts at the farm and leading to the garage or outbuilding. Creating these ideas for driveways are always directed towards a target. In the gardens, where the streets dominate, divide the yard into zones, such as the area of ​​decorative fountains or the fireplace in the lodge or consist of informal areas for recreation. Where everyone has a rectangular or square, green spaces, flower beds, fountain, there are also the paths of the garden to the right place. Geometric Garden "French" these paths tend to follow the principle of symmetry. The garden paths are righteous favorite public parks, where there are many visitors every day. Rectilinear paths are usually covered with plates in proper shape. More suited to the case or leave natural and artificial stone, concrete or granite tiles are rectangular. Tile strict contrast with the lush green and blend harmoniously into the overall vision of the landscape garden.

Creating curved paths - radiate novel


Add your garden, but they are very different rules - not like that in public parks. Here you determine the design of your garden, you're the artist creates curved paths - blends with any garden. Exude romance, there was often a feeling that behind every corner lurks a surprise. A winding path can surround a large tree, which continues throughout the lawn and hides behind a bush. The paths of the garden are ideal for large gardens with a varied style. The walk is always a pleasure. Beautiful shrubs of different sizes, flowering perennials and ornamental grasses planted on both sides of the garden path, to highlight her curves.
The private garden has a greater freedom in the so-called soft lining. In speaking of crushed stone, gravel, sand, bark, sawdust come. These materials are relatively inexpensive, effective, but less resistant and must be replaced periodically. So your paths seem quite natural and easy for a renewal if it is necessary or can be completely replaced by others. Can be framed walkways paved with small stones or boulders that align with small lists. Bring a touch of romance to your garden!

Create paths of different phases of the garden

Garden design and maintenance

Even at the beginning of this article, we mentioned this possibility: you can create individual steps rather than entire paths They can be arranged in a straight or curved line .. They are used in areas that are often not made. The steps can be in natural or artificial stone, concrete bricks or large wooden boards, in principle, are of regular or irregular shape. The individual plates are at a maximum distance of 55 to 65 cm. the other downwards. Between the plates is grass. The herb can be lined with tiles or more. It gives the natural beauty of the road, but it is difficult to maintain.

Create garden paths and get a romantic look of the garden

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide

Colorful and fresh - complete relaxation is certainly

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide
Traditional narrow streets reminiscent of the grandparents' house

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide
Lush greenery and garden furniture traditional

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide
Designing the garden paths is varied

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide
Look elegant outdoor space

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide
Select the material and shape according to taste

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide
Trampolines for a nice garden design are always up to date

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide

Creating a beautiful garden paths - For wide

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