Lamp Pipistrello

Today article a little atypical in that or I'm not going to tell you about a domestic but rather one of the major objects of industrial design.
lamp pipistrello

Hint, it is a lamp, but not just any. Its silhouette is inspired by the bat. Its base can be black, red or white and translucent shades day is attached to a telescopic arm. You see what I mean lamp?

Last index, this lamp is made by world-renowned Italian company Martinelli Luce.

I am of course talking about the Pipistrello lamp.

Priceminister sells this lamp limited stock from today. Interior features for you to enjoy this good plan and an additional coupon code FFMAR2015 (enter at checkout) to get a discount of 20 €. Hurry, stocks are limited.

lamp pipistrello marseille

pipistrello apartment
Lamp Pipistrello
Lamp Pipistrello
Lamp Pipistrello
Lamp Pipistrello
Lamp Pipistrello

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