Lounge Chair by Vondom – a sleeping chair for the garden

Lounge chair Vondom - a chair sleeping garden

Lounge Chair

Vondom has created another miracle. This beautiful lounge chair is definitely something we have not seen yet. This is not just a chair for leisure. It is a work of art. Simply - perfection. This modern chair is that all those who want to bask a little time at the end of the day. It can remove the stress of hard work in an instant. Thanks to its natural shape and wonderful smooth curves of this chaise longue is a success.

Having a lounge chair as the "couch garden" by Vondom is not a luxury, it is a pleasure. It has a unique and innovative form, called "modeling technology of rotation." It is designed to be practical, and to follow the natural curves of each body type. Therefore, this work of art is so amazing and revolutionary. The design of this chaise longue is considered modern, but can easily fall into the futuristic category.
Because of this incredible club chair is designed to fit the shape of your body, it's so comfortable even after a long period of time. It is perfect for your outdoor and your living space. The chair is made from 100% recycled materials and is completely weatherproof. This lounge chair is perfect for any modern home interior and exterior design.

Light according to the chair of modern living room

Exterior Design

One of the best things about this beautiful club chair by Vondom is that it is available in several vibrant colors - white, purple, yellow, blue and more. Indeed, it can illuminate the atmosphere in your garden, with its light function, which is very useful, especially at night. Perfectly balanced and elegant, this Garden daybed is inspired by the beauty of the natural curves. This gorgeous lounge chair is an absolute must for your garden, patio or home.

The wonderful chairs in different colors

Furniture Design

Lounge Chair by Vondom - a sleeping chair for the garden

Lounge Chair by Vondom - a sleeping chair for the garden

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