Modern aluminum blind Chicha – a fitting home futuristic

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Creativity knows no limits - always when you think you've seen in the field of design and gadgets, an innovative design is presented. This time we Italians Christian Zanzotti positively surprised. Designers motorcycle former have always had a passion for beautiful gadgets and accessories for the home. This modern hookah is her first international project.

Modern hookah with a futuristic design

Furniture Design

Hookah Modern Christian Zanotti can be used to smoke, or simply use a nice accessory for the home. The minimalist look and the stainless steel body make the eyes just do not go. Designed with the latest technology such as' / 3D Printer / from materials such as aluminum and brass tubes futuristic spices safety of the water inside. Lovers of sport bikes can be some details to finish recognize characteristics - not surprising, because the hookah is inspired by moto-construction!

Modern Hookah consists of eight parts, which can be easily removed and put in place. It consists of a water container, valve, flexible, foldable column of tobacco smoke, and the heads of the joints. Overall, the water pipe is surprisingly compact and can be easily transported.

Modern Hookah is fascinating. But where the traditional water pipe original?

Modern aluminum blind Chicha - a fitting home futuristic

Shisha is actually a water pipe that originated in India and has been introduced in Europe and America following. In the Arab countries is still smoked tobacco regularly in European countries, tobacco is often replaced by dried fruit. Several alternatives to tobacco as Shiazo - stones to choose from. The hookah is healthy / damaged in any event remains disputed. As a symbol of Arab culture is often hookah modern home accessory structures inspired by the popular Arabian Nights today.

Modern Hookah - Design brass and aluminum

Modern aluminum blind Chicha - a fitting home futuristic

Hookah can be quickly - and rebuild

Modern aluminum blind Chicha - a fitting home futuristic

Chicha is compact and can be used as an accessory home

Modern aluminum blind Chicha - a fitting home futuristic

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