Scalloped designer desk with practical design

Office furniture

A nice idea in Finland - design office in sheet form and practical design. We present Kaari furniture.

Featured - Designer wooden desk


The talented designer Juhani Horelli offers wooden furniture are manufactured in Finland. The furniture in the collection are inspired by nature. Today, nature and architecture are closely linked - as the trend of recent years clearly shows. The designer Kaari office takes the best of both worlds - the vaulted building work close to nature and at the same time minimalist. Simple, elegant and extremely comfortable - how you can describe the furniture. Horelli used traditional methods and techniques of woodworking from his home country. The design is made in two parts which are then joined seamlessly.

designer office combines architecture and nature

Scalloped designer desk with practical design

The design office shaped arc is not only very stylish, but it is also very practical designed - thanks to its innovative design piece of furniture is ergonomic and offers the opportunity to relax while working. Comfortable riding position relieves the back and increases performance. The office is staffed by a "plateau" where the records and documents can be stored - the perfect complement to the desktop environment. Thank you practical furniture can be combined to form several desks. Good presentation to the customer is very important - with this in mind, the designer has tried to create a table of elegant and comfortable office. Creative customers have placed the painting in Konferrenzraum, or used as a dining room table - even a testament to the multi-functionality Möbelstückes.Kaari is produced in several types of wood - cherry, oak and beech are variants available. The wood is then painted.

Modern office furniture, made ​​using traditional wood

Scalloped designer desk with practical design

Stylish, practical and comfortable - Kaari

Scalloped designer desk with practical design

The table is available in several variants

Scalloped designer desk with practical design

Office table combines architectural elements with natural forms

Scalloped designer desk with practical design

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