A Mountain House Interior Design by Elsa Peretti

It is difficult to imagine Elsa Peretti without a roof over their head. [gallery columns="2" ids="109,108,107,106,105,104,103,102"]

  Mountain House Interior Design Gallery

But it was once the supply situation endured Interior  designer tiffany an ode, if uncomfortable, his passion for Sant Marti Vell, a small village in Catalonia, Spain. His friend introduced him to another mother this photographer enclave 73 miles from Barcelona, ??a place she loved and cared for since 1963. Peretti originally inhabited its mustard yellow house while the roof was still under construction. "It was so cold, and icould clearly hear the birds walk over," she recalls. When they purchased their first home in Sant Marti Vell in 1968 the village was in disarray, nothing more than a pile of rubble and grass-scanning. "Since ihave to restore it to its original splendor supported by my passion bull tried," she said. "Architect Gianfranco Bombelli built the water tower for me, so iwouldn't must recover water fountain. Over the years, the designer harem, who also owns a property in New York Argentario, slipped into a visual and meditative harmony with Sant Martí Vell. the local hard deep blue, known as Azul Monserrat, left few traces in collaboration with Archimedes Seguso Table. "And often ihave come to create more of a silver Tiffany glass container or simply looking for the most basic needs of the house, water or apple meet, for example. Ilove create container only four apples." His health Marti Vell several houses are often small organic amalgam (by value) of personal memories, traces of artist friends and Tiffany clips that something with the rustic ambiance that turn received the joyful imprimatur Peretti. the treasures of designers all artifacts port "are like the little pillow with two cheetahs from my friend Ricky Quesada 1957 Torero Photo created by Leopoldo Tomez and ibought pink shell in Bali which was worth six hundred dollars. iGot for sixty years because it is a small hole that my dentist was fixed later., or design assistant Bill Dugan Halston me. And the fan that belonged to my nonna Margherita. "(Nonna Margherita was the grandmother Peretti had once said they" found "again in platinum hair and violet scent emanating from his friend Andy Warhol.) And about Warhol and his hammer Sicklehas also found a casa in casa in the designer of the museum site. in the rare moments when Peretti not professional movement, she likes to take care of his roses, both those that are imported Italy 20 years ago and liked the diversity Senator La Follette. it is also an omnivorous collector of books, and the ubiquitous cascade of books includes titles such as Enciclopedia del Arte in America (five volumes), Houseby President William Seale, and Have Notby Ernest Hemingway and Malaparteby Franco Vegliani. Peretti hope to stay in this place in the sun for the rest of his days. "Ilove the sun," she says. so much so that it put out that Spain and Italy should originate a tax of 100 euros in the sun to be picked up at customs. that could help their insolvency. maybe finding skill famous company Peretti, they should be heard.

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