Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

Prefab wooden compact and versatile

The PODhaus ROB GmbH (robust outdoor brands) in Switzerland

Prefabricated house

Although Switzerland is represented in Flims winter, the PODhaus is not intended for use in these winter conditions. This cleverly designed wooden prefab house can be used for various purposes, especially when there is insufficient space. Each style can also be a garden shed, a room, or a secret place, when ever you need to escape the world.

Home Super Insulated wood finish - PODhotel

Wooden house

Adjacent samples are located in Switzerland and show resilience can be any PODhaus when exposed to extreme weather conditions. The PODhotel actually consists of a set of separate PODhäuser. Suitable for snowy place this insulation is sufficient to withstand the coldest winters in the Alps POD Every single guest is equipped with comfortable beds, electricity, heating, lighting. It was developed to provide a comfortable, even in extreme weather conditions.


Originally conceived as a low-energy consumption, this "environmental sustainability little life" prefabricated timber. The first of these units was produced in 2003 and since then it has been tested and improved until it develops into the final design we see here. The house is located outside of the site, environmental disturbance during construction is minimal. Each unit is made of FSC certified wood, is environmentally friendly. For added protection, the windows are double glazed to keep out the cold wind and to reduce outside noise.

The versatility of PODhaus - house semi-finished wood

Interior Design

You can never have too much space in the Hau. Thus, the versatile PODhaus could be the answer to help you save valuable space without worrying about expensive move or create an expansion for a bigger house. The subtle nature of each charming wooden building means that you can sit comfortably in many different places. If you need more space, the last PODhäuser come with slight extension modules that increase accommodate up to 2 meters. Other options available for the PODhaus include a solar panel and roof terrace. Just think what you can do with this versatile prefabricated wooden house.


The architecture of light wood in POD prefabricated house

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

POD house in the snowy Alps

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

Prefabricated trusses promotes life in the midst of nature

House POD provides a perfect insulation against the cold

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

Pod Hotel

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

POD House Plans

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

Compact, versatile Prefab Wood

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