Kitchen design exclusive

Engineering: Interior Design Rathke

The location alone makes it to the floor of a dive from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a world of relaxation and solitude.
The generous use of glass provides a clear view of the green terrace.

The sections are divided conceptually a logical line and coordinated the overall design.

Project competence and quality sober and precise run in the details - rest and value, exclusivity and elegance are taught. The exuberant decor has been revoked.

With the rich, large slabs of natural stone wood was used primarily dealt with its natural structure, superficiality, hue, brightness and size determine its exceptional atmosphere.

Floor, wall and ceiling plus the variations of light and versatile lead the eye into the depths of space. The large windows offer plenty of light from the light and provide a view of the diversity of the different seasons.
Upon request, rooms can LED - light also dipped in color, which can be changed depending on the status settings and completely different.

The technical equipment developed by an EIB system contrasts with the simple menu of management to a central touch screen, combined with the ability of music to all the sub-regions in the sauna background.


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