Living Ideas: The design of the walls with paint

Painting walls

Photo: Charles & Hudson

The white walls are very annoying over time. For this reason, in the following article is to bring a little 'of variety in the game, because there are different methods to make the walls more interesting and attractive.

The colors are not just for the sake of life, but also distribute the boring uniform appearance. Here are probably the most important primary colors colors (blue, yellow, red) that provide power to the four walls of their own. Who does not love the bright colors, you can calm down a bit '. To achieve this goal, but the mixture of the two complementary colors such as yellow and blue chains. This product can be muted colors that blend harmoniously impact on the environment.

Design Wall - original ideas in two colors

Wall covering

Photo: Mrs. G.

An alternative to the original design of the walls can also be the color of the dividing wall. For example, the upper part of the wall of a light brown shade of the lower part and is painted with a deep blue color. Here, cool blue is grounded by the brown color so that the colors go well together.

Tip: If you use vibrant colors, these can be divided again (eg arshabitandi) through various accessories for the home.

Gestalung original walls - concrete neutral gaze replaced

Living Ideas: The design of the walls with paint

Photo: Niels Heidenreich

In addition to bright colors, especially the concrete aspect is fashionable. To achieve this, they must be provided without concrete wall. Use the following instructions may each bring this trend into her house.

Accessories for concrete to look at an area of ​​about ten square meters:

- Base Trowel (consumption: about 500 grams per square meter)

- Effect Trowel (consumption: about 100 grams per square meter)

To prepare the edges and should Ecker registered and furniture and floor are covered with a film. With freshly plastered walls, it is advantageous to pre-painted with an acrylic model depth because it allows therefore more grip.

Living Ideas: The design of the walls with paint

Photo: clip open

After drying, the effect of the applied load is distributed and the smooth concrete. The irregularity of the terrain, the effect does not stick spatula spatula. Here pressure is applied, because then it is established so that the desired appearance of the concrete effect of flicker from the layer of filling.

In the next step, the base charge is then applied to the wall with a Kurzflorrollers. Then it uses the cement spatula (spatula), which evokes a textured effect. For this purpose, it is important that crosses with a spatula and transferred through the wall. If you encounter this small edges or grooves, is the design. Subsequently, the whole process is repeated again. About six hours, then the problem is dry.

Living Ideas: The design of the walls with paint

Photo: clip open

The possibilities and different designs for walls, are virtually limitless. If you like a little 'more than fantasy, which can make the walls as, for example, elements or panels made of polyester or fiberglass felt.

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