Placing small bathroom – these tips to reduce the space


A big bathroom remodel in an oasis of well-being, it is not very difficult. A large tub is in place and a walk-in shower and a large mirror and there is still room for decorations. It looks different in a small room: This room is very limited and each piece seems to leave only to be close. Therefore, proper planning is especially important. And 'necessary to take the smallest room, without the look of the room too crowded. How tight are better equipped and designed bathroom already described here - but also with the square cut small rooms thoughtful planning is essential. There are a few ways to achieve this goal, the design of the floor and the walls and furniture fittings.

Placing small bathroom - large tiles and bright colors

Placing small bathroom - these tips to reduce the space

The bright colors are important in order to make room look bigger. Warm colors, such as natural gas or a double red-eye reduction. Especially in a small room these colors have become overwhelming for the viewer. The turquoise blue and white and light are more suitable for the design. Who does not want to do without warm colors, which should be contrasted with white, make the width of the room. The tiles on the floor or the walls must be square. A few lines contribute to significant magnification, many small lines for the reduction. Small tiles are only for decoration, such as a border around the wall a possibility. In general, you should be, but given colorful patterns - that can affect the room too rough. However, since a bathroom should be a place to relax, this is not desirable. However, the walls can be the same tiled floor; a paint shade is adapted to the ground, or a contrast of the black to white.

Placing small bathroom - Install shower

Placing small bathroom - these tips to reduce the space

Bath often does not fit into a small bathroom and usually takes up too much space at a distance too little space in the room. A shower is better, better at ground level and at an angle. The lack of shower tray, the space is not divided, but self-sufficient. A glass shower screen transmits its

Remains open feeling - establish small bathroom can be a difficult task. However, a problem is often the toilet: This is not how it is usually treated in a bathroom large, easy to hide behind a wall. Instead, they can be seen directly - there is nothing to change themselves. But it is possible to integrate them in the bathroom so you do not intrusive. There are today, but also spatial solutions that disappears is the shower or the bath behind a wall. This is useful for people who do not want to see immediately upon entering the room the bathroom. In some places, you can also set a small closet as a room divider in the bathroom - but it depends on the corresponding section of the space where it does not look good in all the rooms small bathroom.

Do not place furniture too

Placing small bathroom - these tips to reduce the space

To create a storage space, ask lots of cabinets in the small bathroom. However, this causes a reduction in optical space. A couple lockers are in order - for example, as a simple bathroom mirror cabinet Tamrus jokey. Series of small furniture are also a good option; a small cupboard under the sink or narrow chest of drawers that provision of the chamber. Furthermore, the decoration can be combined with the arrangement of furniture: a table on which can be stored makeup tools, or a stool are decorative in towels. But also open shelves, where they are cleaned, they have a good storage option, do not let the space look even smaller.

Placing small bathroom - tiles in neutral tones and glass shower

Placing small bathroom - these tips to reduce the space

Small shower with glass door

Placing small bathroom - these tips to reduce the space

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