watering the lawn – Tips for lawn care


Of course, the main concern of a good lawn care involves regular summer watering the lawn. But it is necessary to combine with other important activities related to lawn care - mowing and fertilizing. A beautiful green lawn is required to pull all three technological practices into account and adapts accordingly so that the appearance of the lawn is nice and green and crisp. Young plants require more frequent watering, about 10 liters of water per square meter. What is even watering large lawns that you will learn in the next sections.

Watering Lawns take into account the type of soil

Lawn Care

It 'good to know what lies on a floor under the green grass. For irrigation, soil type is of particular importance. In clay soil, it is not often lawn watering to avoid water retention it. Clay soils dry more slowly and when it comes to excessive watering, it may happen that the grass can rot.


Sandy soils have a crumbly texture and then see that (contrary to appearances more sticky clay and muddy when wet). Pour twice as often as the clay. The rule for both types of land is about 20 liters per square meter.

Water your lawn - Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

watering the lawn - Tips for lawn care

What is the best time to water the lawn? - Have a large number of our many readers. And 'better in the early evening or early morning, when the dew is still there. Evening and early morning, the ground is cooler and the water can be absorbed more easily and does not evaporate quickly under the midday sun. So do not water the lawn during the day, at noon, when the sun is at its hottest! Small water droplets on how to stop the wet grass, then turn the sun into thousands of small magnifying lenses. Thus, the young grass is the fastest damaged. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer not to take the risk.

Irrigation of lawns can be automatically

watering the lawn - Tips for lawn care

Hand watering garden plants and lawns

watering the lawn - Tips for lawn care

The irrigation of the garden is a delight for children

watering the lawn - Tips for lawn care

Creative Ideas for irrigation DIY

watering the lawn - Tips for lawn care

The intelligent use of rainwater

watering the lawn - Tips for lawn care

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