Common misconceptions about interior designers

The profession of interior designers is mocked by people who think they can do a better job at making a house look amazing while they have absolutely no idea how to arrange the furniture and other design elements to come up with something that enchants the eye. Here are the three of the most common misconceptions that interior designers have to endure in their work.

Interior designers are not worth the price

People who hire an interior designer have a hard time deciding what furniture to buy and how to match the colours so that the room looks beautiful. Interior designers charge a fee of $50-$200 per hour or a flat fee of 15% of the goods purchased. In addition to this, you would have to pay the cost of the furniture, accessories artwork etc.

The design fees generally include an initial meeting to speak about the desires of the client, a schematic design presentation, one or two additional meetings to present the project and make any changes that are necessary, drawings and design specifications. You also have to decide on whether you want to buy furnishings, in which case the designer will take care of the quoting process by submitting their pricing on individual items.Casino sign

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Interior design is a female profession

This is a  very Common misconception because many people believe that esthetic sense is a women’s feature.  This statement is false considering the number of men that work in this industry. And no, they are not all gay. It is a misconception that a man who works in the fashion of interior design industry is homosexual. It is time to give up on stereotypes.

Interior designers are uptight

While some of them are obsessed with control, most designers are easy to work with and eager to please the client. It is important to achieve an optimal level of communication between the designer and the client because this is the only way you make people return to your office in the future and recommend you to others. Remember that you are there to give the client what he wants but never give up on your dignity.

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