Lounge chair for public waiting areas, lounges

Designer chair

The daily dose of relaxation you get through the long chair "Cocoon" exclusive with the highest demand for comfort and a stylish design. Design designer Tompson Tompson Moscow, Russia, is distinguished by technical features that convey a feeling of luxury. Whether at home or as garden furniture - President offers a moment of relaxation. Be inspired by the ideas of interior design of your own home!

Deckchair with attractive appearance

Lounge Furniture

The long chair "Cocoon" is a versatile furniture einsetztbares relaxation that visually dominates the room and is a real attraction. By design, you can set accents in the bedroom, living room or outside. The attractive appearance creates the conditions for integrated design lines with which you can get a smooth look in every room.

Deckchair - a "resort" in the public space integrierеn

Furniture Design

Tompson is the design of public space in offices, airports, waiting rooms - and suitable for private home. The bell-shaped like a flower and guaranteed safety labels off the braid. Anyone who has nestled in furniture Relax, you do not want to get up. Organic forms can bind switchbacks to avoid unwanted attention.

Recliner "Cocoon" promotes a relaxed atmosphere

Lounge chair for public waiting areas, lounges

Cocoon to enjoy spending time longer. Design and functionality are gathered here to perfection. The frame construction with a fine grain structure allows flexibility and robustness at the same time. The lounge chair is a design object with many faces - or just fun. For the filling, there are several variants woven fabric like velvet etc. large size and delicate and colorful pillows are the most attractive furniture and offer more living comfort and relaxation.

More comfort in the public space

Lounge chair for public waiting areas, lounges

Integrated design armchair in the room

Lounge chair for public waiting areas, lounges

Futuristic design chair

Lounge chair for public waiting areas, lounges

Deckchair design

Lounge chair for public waiting areas, lounges

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