Modern Lounge Chair "Ulysses" – an innovative design

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The young designer Alvin Huang has this fascinating modern club chair, which he called "Ulysses". The name refers to the Greek poem by Homer on the long journey of 10 years of hero Odysseus after the Trojan War ended. The sculptural shape of this modern lounge chair was influenced by the movement of waves in the ocean. These key elements were used in a stylized abstract shape. The white color of the lounge chair creates a fascinating play of light and shadow. The design consists of dynamic elements that form an elegant composition. The innovative lounge chair is practical and still looks like a work of art.

Innovative idea of ​​design - the "Ulysses" Club chair

Lounge Chair

The designer Huang was born in Singapore, and the design of car originally designed - so he knows particularly well with materials that are used in this area Modern Lounge Chair "Ulysses" is no exception -. Was an extraordinary material for furniture made from fiberglass. Anyway, Huang has all the advantages of this material - Lightweight, durable, shiny, unused.

The futuristic design of the modern club chair is typical of the style of Alvin Huang. It was designed in an elegant and comfortable environment, follows the shape of the body and provides relaxation. Relax in this comfortable "Ulysses" - club chair and enjoy a unique journey!

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