Outlined seems unusual furniture – a design Jinil Park

innovative furniture design

Furniture Unusual reflect in their own style and a keen sense of style. Korean designer Park Jinil this childish at first glance seemingly simple drawings crude processed in furniture that looks like a sketch of walnut. The three-dimensional objects have the appearance of a two-dimensional drawing and radiate a beauty almost sculptural. Even with two dimensions Sizzen on paper what they think in three dimensions and imagine how it will be in real life. The series of the design gives the impression that the boundaries between reality and illusion merge.

Unique handmade furniture made of steel wire

Chair Design

The extraordinary figure has set a new benchmark in terms of style. The illustration is executed in black lines, easily stained and not clearly defined. Rough drawing thin lines give the impression that if the designer still experimenting with ideas. To obtain the desired optical effects of different lines were needed - that the line is slightly higher and slightly lower immediately. To make changes, such as hand sketches drawn authentic as possible, the park has hammered the son of different lengths and thicknesses.

Furniture Revolutionary appears to stretch from

Furniture Design

Jinil park sitting unusual design idea into reality. Made of furniture designs in steel wire, has produced 4 people - 2 chairs, 2 lights and a table. Despite its delicate structure of design furniture series are stable enough to support the weight of the human being. The emphasis is deformed, distorted, and related structures and lines. They refer to a particular individual "writing" and give the emotions and the inner world of the expression of the artist. A design becomes particularly attractive display of simple shapes and also the emotional spontaneity. Linear wire furniture has revolutionized the world of design recently Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea in the fall of 2013.

Unusual design furniture series Jinil Park

Outlined seems unusual furniture - a design Jinil Park

The chair is a wire model, which has the appearance of a line drawing

Outlined seems unusual furniture - a design Jinil Park

wire sculptures mimic the designs in two dimensions

Outlined seems unusual furniture - a design Jinil Park

lamp design inspired by the graphic designs

Outlined seems unusual furniture - a design Jinil Park

Unusual Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Outlined seems unusual furniture - a design Jinil Park

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