A world where the wooden pallet is queen

The movement of the "cold-pressed juice" born in the USA, particularly prone to LA and New York, crossed the oceans.
office with pallet
To the delight of the senses, a shop of their brand welcomes us in a small Australian town Armadale.

At its origin, a firm of designers, young, modern, creative, which I have already mentioned: the Bomba studio.

Here comes the wood in all its variations. Gasoline range offers delicate palette of the clearest to the darkest tones colors. Clarity is the primum movens. The purpose: imprison us in this warm light, an atmosphere of freedom to revel in the fresh juice that you just serve you.
This fragrance and these flavors: a taste of paradise?

Office wooden pallet
room boy wooden pallets

idea with wooden pallet
wooden pallet

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