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An article a little different today as it is a theme (the Black not to call it) has been chosen by a group of bloggers.
why black dan sla Deco
You can find the list of blogs participating in the theme of the day at the end of this article. Happy reading!

To address this issue, I opted to do a roundup of interiors that have the distinction of having introduced the black in their decoration. I guess some of you are already skeptical about the choice of this color in their interior. However, used wisely it can be the most beautiful effect.

Also you will find below some very concrete examples, whether for furniture (chair, stool, desk, table, dresser, sofa . . . ) and then dared to kitchen cabinets or to the bathroom. Alternatively, you can opt for a black wall on which you can write with chalk, a glass for industrial or more original look with a black floor.

And you, would you use black for your home?

If the subject of the Black Deco interests you, I invite you to browse today blogs of my classmates who also addressed this topic on their website:

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