Get the sea into your living room – Nano Aquarium

Aquarium in the living room

Even if a small child, I had always been the idea of ​​getting an aquarium with the mysterious underwater worlds of the living room. But most of the reason did not buy too much work or too little space. But the idea of ​​an aquarium, you may experience a so-called nano aquarium now. The underwater world in miniature revealed a charismatic world of shrimp, snails and crustaceans. But what lies behind the term nano aquarium? And what criteria should be considered when choosing an aquarium? And your aquarium really put ideas into action? Read below the cash you can bring in your own home immediately.

The practical alternative for small living spaces - the nano aquarium

Interior Design

The name nano aquarium comes from the Greek word nanos (German: dwarf). In fact, these aquariums are small habitats, often less than 30 liters. You can dwarf shrimp, crabs and small fish house. Aquariums beginners are advised to check in advance if all the details about the care of these animals and their welfare is compromised. Because that due to limited space can be caused by a small error while Biosystem.

Nano Aquarium - from installation to final experience

Get the sea into your living room - Nano Aquarium

Who wants to implement his idea of ​​a nano aquarium should think of a suitable place before installation. Direct sunlight or bright light should be avoided. Because otherwise forming algae quickly and the temperature in the aquarium can not be controlled any longer. This can lead to overheating. For beginners, it is advisable to obtain a complete set with internal filter, pump, heating and lighting that is immediately operational.

For cleaning the aquarium water should be used. The ground then covered with a layer of about 1.5 cm from the soil surface. This can then be decorated with clay with appropriate decorations, like the roots of aquarium, mini shells or jars. In addition, bamboo can also even with a submarine elegant atmosphere itself profession. Plants and animals are placed at the end of the aquarium. As it is, sit back and enjoy his little underwater world sailor sofa.

Maintenance expert advice

Get the sea into your living room - Nano Aquarium

Both beginners and experienced professionals can get important tips on water and aquarium care for Axperto. In addition, fish feed or technology suitable aquarium can be ordered online here. Complete sets, with the exception of a few decorative elements - here is to find something for everyone.

Who wants to implement his idea of ​​an aquarium in a larger style, the way this company also offers models for the underwater world a little more in your own home, as the picture shows above.

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