LED lighting and bamboo – a workspace in the kitchen

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Many of us are never without their mobile device, they take it with you everywhere, even in the kitchen, where you can recover the tax. Now it is for them the bamboo kitchen workstation (KWIB) has been designed for those who want to use their smartphones and tablets in the kitchen during cooking or during meal preparation. The new work every chance to keep their mobile devices away from any disturbance; Now you are able to finance the purchase of your KWIB gradually Kickstarter.

The work area with LED lighting and knives and utensils storage area

LED lighting and bamboo - a workspace in the kitchen

Created by Cool Inventions LLC Dale Rorabaugh is KWIB friendly kitchen tool for anyone who wants to stay in contact with their appliances at hand. With the help of LED lighting, compact workstation illuminates the work area and uses a cable management system to keep the unit organized on the charging cable so you do not lose sight of. Night of built-in light provides even late at night for a soft light, but bright enough in the kitchen when at the end of hunger and thirst has some delicious sandwiches.

Station to the mobile Internet is illuminated with LED lighting

LED lighting and bamboo - a workspace in the kitchen

The interface of the workstation can be adapted to any mobile device, on which there is room for a cookbook and your gadgets on the side, and projectors also allows you to read the fine print. The KWIB is adjustable, you can choose between three positions from 45 different viewing angle, select 35 and 25 degrees, with a maple button. And another thing: it's a mini rechargeable Bluetooth speaker amplifier choice for users who want to move in her kitchen with the music. The design helps to improve the acoustics. For serious cooks is a luxury version of the knife where the knife sheaths and sound - are well protected. Thus, KWIB is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.
Of course, it is logical to ask: With such useful features, because KWIB not yet available in retail stores?
To make a product available to everyone Rorabaugh Kickstarter determined, and the company now generates the necessary funds. Once you've found the beta testers, now you want to share with the world. "KWIB is our response to the will of bamboo handmade work in America with sustainable LED lighting, which does not seem to animate the simplicity and functionality." Rorabaugh said. "I designed a nice job here in California, which should be available to everyone."

About Dale Rorabaugh and invent COOLING LLC

LED lighting and bamboo - a workspace in the kitchen

Dale Rorabaugh is the founder and CEO of Cool Inventions LLC. It has two Kickstarter projects that have been funded successfully. Both projects were delivered on time and plan to go.
Dale is an entrepreneurial personality and a great innovative thinking with over 22 years of experience in product design. He has designed and directed many, medical and dental instruments and improvement of the product, his eye is always focused on elegance, functionality and value of the products. Dale has received numerous patents and has published dozens of articles on the economic operation of these instruments. It offers these products and equipment, from prototype to production of at least 15,000 physicians and other customers around the world. For more information, please visit Cool-invent.com.

Efficient LED lighting provides quick work in the kitchen

LED lighting and bamboo - a workspace in the kitchen

A convenient surface for Elekronik

LED lighting and bamboo - a workspace in the kitchen

At night, the LED lamp is mainly used

LED lighting and bamboo - a workspace in the kitchen

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