Designer bookcase OSB with asymmetric shape


When designers think outside the box, the result is often very flexible and design - with interesting, unusual shape. Furniture and industrial designer Bradley Bowers obviously thought outside the box and created his own idea of a designer OSB library. Shelf unit Indra takes traditional wall Eckregalen to become a dynamic part of your space life.

Bookcase with asymmetrical


To receive service in the middle of the room and can be used as a room divider operatively. However, with a little distance from the wall to access easily accessible shelves on both sides. This is not only a functional piece of furniture, but an eye-catcher in your living environment. Indra moves and how the stories in the books, where he has developed an accommodation. Created in response to the strict form of traditional shelves and living rooms, Indra returns to the room.

Indra shelf design and visually appealing texture OSB

Furniture Design

The designer looking for a material that would be a compliment developed the concept of Indra. This geometric design library is made ​​of OSB (oriented structural panel), which has unique structural properties and a nice visual texture. Coarse clamping plates were originally a waste product of the plywood against the industry with unique structural and visual qualities. The natural tendency of overlapping wood chips completes the changing angles and Indra gives the Library another layer of movement and dynamism.

spontaneous idea and sketch Designer

Designer bookcase OSB with asymmetric shape

created a prototype small cardboard

Designer bookcase OSB with asymmetric shape

The result - Indra library

Designer bookcase OSB with asymmetric shape

Photos of Neox Image

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