"Hug" – Unusual Chair by Gabriella Asztalos

"Hug" - Unusual Chair by Gabriella Asztalos

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The chair "hug" has a single continuous structure, round. It's a real hug, which is a very stylish and comfortable seating for two people. It allows them to sit next to each other and to conduct isolated intimate conversation. The president, "embrace" is more than just a chair. It is very rare, it is an eye catcher. It has an amazing äuβere appearance, excellent quality and durability. It is perfect for large rooms, living room or even bedroom.

The president, "embrace" is available in two versions: a classic and also modern. Both are made of genuine leather quality. The leather is available in different colors. The classic version is an outer layer Wahlnus modern and is made of fiberglass - black or white. The unusual shape of the grip - chair is not the only reason that it is so desirable. If you ever look at one side, you see it as a circle. The circle is one of the most common forms in nature.

spiral structure of the unusual chair


If you look at the structure of the "hug" in this sense, the more you will see a spiral. This form has inspired many artists and mathematicians for centuries. Spirals are everywhere in nature - the structure of DNA for shells. Gabriella Asztalos, the designer of the chair, "embrace", was also inspired by this amazing natural form.

Gabriella Asztalos was born in Budapest but has studied in Europe. Before she specialized design, it was a professional ballet dancer. This experience gave him an advantage when she began to study design. When they designed the chair "hug", she managed to combine nature, privacy, feelings and emotions in a beautiful work of art.

The president, "embrace" is available in different versions

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