Modern wooden bed environmental awareness

Day bed

Granton is a modern sofa bed with a superb creative design and functional. This charming piece of furniture without emotion as the safety and comfort.

Modern bed offers relaxation after a long day of work

Furniture Design

However, since an early age he learned the child's environment by grasping and touching to know - this principle is based on the innovative concept of the talented designer Stefanie Schissler. She tries to awaken the curiosity of their design. At the same time, the bed for maximum comfort during sleep and that will surely be your favorite piece of furniture! And a piece of furniture is used, the more natural resources are saved. A modern bed, which promotes environmental awareness? We are fascinated!

Modern bed can be used for life

Modern wooden bed environmental awareness

Sofa bed with ergonomic design - pure relaxation!

Modern wooden bed environmental awareness

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