Seat design promotes social interaction and entertainment

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This seat design was created as part of a social experiment. The Bottle Bench project by artist Maarten Pauwelyn brings people together. This outdoor seating is perfect for lazy days where you can chill out with friends in the garden. The bench was called "Bottle Bench" because it has five seats, which are fixed to a central point. The design resembles the bottom of a plastic bottle. Bottle Bench looks like a piece of furniture that you would find on a playground, but this is definitely designed for adults and has no rotating option like a carousel!

Bench design by artist Maarten Pauwelyn

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When people use Bottle Bench, you do not just share a bench with others. They sit next to and across from each other in close proximity, what an intimate atmosphere for good conversation between people creates that would otherwise never talk to each other. In this arrangement, it would be difficult to ignore each other and the conversation will be easier simply because of the way the seats. The seat design provides comfortable backrest and plenty of legroom, so that people can sit comfortably and feel good.

Seat design offers comfort and great entertainment


Bench bottle is made from recyclable polyester and each seat is stacked for easy packing and transport. The central point can serve as a drink holder or as we see on a picture - even for legs-elevating and relaxing. The bench seat offers space for five people and has a beautiful flower shape. It works well in public and private sectors. There is no word on whether the Bottle Bench will get a commercial version.

comfortable backrest and plenty of legroom

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Made from 100% recyclable polyester

Seat design promotes social interaction and entertainment

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