Bedrooms in Scandinavian style – Elegant gold and white combination

Bedroom Design

The gold and white is a combination of luxurious colors that looks stylish and chic, and each room give a glossy finish. This beautiful Scandinavian style room is relaxed and feminine, without gold too cheesy or space is dominant. This room glamorous design harmoniously combines the tranquility of white color with a glamorous gold accents in a fascinating balance. A dream room, where would you escape each night in a different world.

Bedrooms in Scandinavian style and palette of dazzling colors

Scandinavian style

The furniture in the bedrooms are minimalist but very functional and use the space optimally. Scandinavian design is characterized by bright colors and a certain degree of brightness and relaxation. There are certain elements in a small space, which are particularly impressive. The head portion has a space for books and some decorative gold accents, including a night light soft golden that provides more light for reading.

Bedrooms in Scandinavian style and minimalist furniture


This white coat rack is very compact and is perfect for the Scandinavian style. It has enough hanging space for clothes and is also equipped with two shelves above and below.

All metal parts have a golden glow

Bedrooms in Scandinavian style - Elegant gold and white combination

Beside the bed there is a simple white table with golden legs. A golden night lamp next to the bed is to add a little more light for reading. You can immediately see that every detail has been paid much attention here. Even the hangers are gold plated. On the bed, white and tan pillows and sheets are combined with a beautiful patterned ceiling.

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