Cozy Private Residence on Tight Budget

Building or renovating a comfortable home doesn’t always need a high budget. Many creative architects could help you design a dream home with a tight budget; Carter Williamson Architects is one of them. Situated in Sydney, Australia, the house is aimed to determine a quote of “a man’s home is his castle” into a reality. Though the Rowley St House is located on an urban site but the clients wanted a quiet family home that could deal with the construction policies and procedures of the town. The house was designed to address the street and respond sympathetically to its surrounds neighbors, but still provide a distinctly recognizable as a modern house design. The house took an inspiration from the society by implementing similar scale, height and form. Distinguished by robust materials, the house offers strong look with simple yet elegant construction details, resulting a creative dialogue to the surrounding. The house is characterized by efficient materials and spaces, such as the laundry room that also acts as a wet-room, oversized corridor upstairs double as play-space and the deep windowsills becomes seats. The children’s bedroom is complemented with a sliding door that reveals a play space. The dining room features a double-height void that allows the kitchen becomes the heart of the house. The Camperdown House is a contemporary tight budget home with a comfortable and spacious feeling.

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