Interior Apartment-Style Fusion with Brightness of Style and Color Solutions

Generally it is believed that drives the project usually bad combined with practicality and structuring of the room. This is a new work of Belarusian company “Nota Bene” this idea is contradicted by every single step. Designer, on the one hand, take into account the views from the comfort of all family members – parents and three children, on the other hand, has created a space totally filled with unusual brightness workaround styles and colors. The success of the creative Union of designers with clients has been determined from the start: the combination of rich imagination and taste of the owner (the lovers of reading and surfing) with the skills of a professional writer.
If you assume flat on the whole, the best definition of “fusion” spectacular cocktail style and color palette. However, the law is respected in the entire genre: details of the excellent fit between them, there is a certain rhythm and dynamics. And in the Interior of each room is the “ideas”, a creatively processed vdohnovivšaâ customers and designers. Refer to the design can vary, but can not be described as “tedious” and “superficial”. All the classic elements of the most impressive elements that look good on a background of modern finishing materials in the appropriate style. Interior color, there is no place here-the banality and innovative solution is similar to the daring projects of the most famous Western designer who works as a magazine. Bright atmosphere is already on the threshold: the classics interwoven with succulent flavor. No less colourful living room is divided into 2 zones: one around the TV-is designed for the whole family, the second includes zone library and the desktop host. And between cabinets, successfully entered exit to the balcony with winter garden. Kitchen, perhaps, is the most modern part of the apartment, not counting room teenager. Here reigns a cheerful mood, and dining table in an elegant French-style looks fine on the background of panels of tiles of Ceramica Bardelli. Here is the zone used for communication with guests adult part family-flying like dust, bar window with refined texture-imitation of exotic wood.

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