It is the details that make a bathroom unique – bathroom fittings

Bathroom design

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bathroom accessories are an important part of the design of bathroom. Whether in bathtubs, showers or toilets - they find wide use and contribute to the fact that the bathroom is transformed into an oasis of relaxation.

bathroom accessories - an integral part of the design of bathroom

Interior Design

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It is inconceivable to make a bathroom renovation without taps assorted bath room. Lavatory faucets are coordinated with water connections, creating a stylish and consistent look. Modern bathroom and shower faucets welcome the new bathtub. When a pre-adjustable thermostat with temperature limitation of maximum comfort. Manufacturers are looking for a combination of functionality and aesthetics - many taps for bathroom are equipped with water saving function and can switch automatically. Separate shower taps provide flexibility and therefore are well suited for small cubicles. The absolute highlight in the bathroom, lavatory faucets with infrared electronics. Chic and classic at the same time the batteries three holes and act as valves with a retro look. Dull and dark fittings are suitable for designs minimalist bathroom. Two-color combinations are also possible - a design with chrome details in gold accents is definitely an eye-catcher in every bathroom.

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It is the details that make a bathroom unique - bathroom fittings

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The bathroom is a special area with special needs - due to moisture should be used when stainless steel materials and durable. High quality brass fittings polished, chrome or stainless steel are particularly suitable. They are robust and at the same time very easy. The ceramic disc valves ensure sustainability models. Today, most bathroom faucets retain their luster thanks to a special treatment. Anyone who is not sure taps has decided to ask the experts - online store offers a wide range of products from many manufacturers. Detailed information on each model, you can quickly get in the product description. Whether classically elegant, clean, bright and modern shiny - the choice is in your hands! Photos of Shopping

It is the details that make a bathroom unique - bathroom fittings

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