Only tiles or even decoration? Kemmler tiles in Hechingen offer tips

Tile Design

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We like tiles. You will find wide application as wall covering and flooring. Today, the tiles can be found in every room of the use of the modern home. They are, rather than a practical choice -. Intelligent design and color combinations accents inside What colors and current models, clearly the tiles German companies shows Kemmler. The establishment of tiles Hechingen offers useful decoration tips for beginners and trendsetters.

Combinations of modern tiles Two-Tone catch sight

Exterior Design

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Two tiles color combinations are rapidly catching any room. Traditionally, two colored tiles or tiles with patterns as flooring for the garden or at the entrance can be used. They act dynamically and have a great appeal. Our advice - create contrasts between light and dark shades of the same color. Gray is a neutral color that will never go out of style with safety and can be perfectly used in garden design. Poses a challenging model can also be made with earthy colors - orange and terracotta colors can make a stylish mix of yellow paint. They have a distinctive look in a Mediterranean style. The most exciting combinations and patterns can be found in the office of Kemmler for tiles knit.

Ideas unique design with stone tiles give

Only tiles or even decoration? Kemmler tiles in Hechingen offer tips

Anyone who did not dare to experiment with colors, you can instead make a wall-to-wall look. Stone slabs and tiles stone look can be used as decoration inside. To achieve maximum effect, combine thin and slender tiles. This creates a unique dynamic. Ceramic tiles in natural stone look prevailed lately as a popular floor covering. They are easy to clean and very durable. You can find inspiration for tiling company in Hechingen in Kemmler - locally, you can get advice from experts knowledgeable tile it. The tiles are also their passion.

Fresh ideas tile Kemmler Hechingen

Only tiles or even decoration? Kemmler tiles in Hechingen offer tips

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