Swing Rest – a luxurious modern lounge bed

"Swing Rest '- a luxurious bed modern living

Designed by Dedon

Lounge Furniture

The attractive design is based on a basket woven seat, suspended by ropes from a single four simple hooks. Wicker is padded with a soft and luxurious and piled with pillows mattress. To add originality and integrate this beautiful bed modern living in any zi system design, it would be easy, different fabrics, textures and patterns to bring pillows and mattresses.

The suspension form in this charming modern lounge furniture appears as a conical structure. "Rest Swing" is optional to come with a lid. But creating a custom tent on the entire unit would introduce an even more exciting and original design. A canopy would shade the sun's heat and also offer a "private area". - To nap or the handle of a book "remains Swing" is a preferred practice design and is the same for adults and children popular. In fact, the time on this bed of modern living may need to be strictly planned so that everyone gets a turn.


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'Swing Rest' - a luxurious modern lounge bed

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'Swing Rest' - a luxurious modern lounge bed

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'Swing Rest' - a luxurious modern lounge bed

'Swing Rest' - a luxurious modern lounge bed

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