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The design of revolutionary design, designer called "White House" Sertac Ersayin, Ozgur Alp, Fatih Mintas, Gözde Tüfekci Mercan was the Scholarship Competition A project has received the Platinum A 'Design Award for the bathroom and health of products of conception. Vanity Design with a modular structure, which reached a high level of perfection, beat some tough competition.

Bathroom bathroom furniture design is based on a minimalist concept


The "design and innovation Kale" project or the child is the result of the design and implementation of creative ideas detailed. "White House" is based on a minimalist concept and offers a solution for intelligent design. respective local furniture Modular bathroom offers extreme flexibility and freedom desired result, they adapt to a variety of life situations - .. unpretentious certain size room set includes 6 different modules of small, large and square with a rectangular outline.

Ajar aesthetic Living room furniture Minimalism

The award-winning modular bathroom furniture design - Design Kid

Bath Baby equipment is characterized by bright colorful accents. The modules are designed with high demands on ergonomics and functionality. They received a minimalist touch. Contemporary project "White House" has to be a modern lifestyle has therefore been developed to perfection. Its white appearance gives an impression of visual lightness. Different color combinations are possible if you want to give this bathroom a personal touch.

A highlight in the bathroom

The award-winning modular bathroom furniture design - Design Kid

Its design Kid attaches great importance to functionality, ergonomics, innovation, usability, fun details and technology to deliver a user experience at the highest level. Clarity purist was combined with hot ebony, who has a strong influence on the climate of the room. Even the bathroom is clean, sober and cool, comfortable and fresh. The mirror has a Hi-tech motion sensor, built-in LED light and provides protection against condensation and fogging.

Modern bathroom with bold accents

The award-winning modular bathroom furniture design - Design Kid

by A 'Design Award

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