Tile in wood optics – high quality Italian design

Ceramic tiles

Wooden tiles lenses are the most popular. You can brush through their warm colors with modern amenities. They also have a number of advantages: ease of maintenance, hygienic surfaces in the rooms and will not be damaged by the weight of heavy furniture. The Italian manufacturer Emil Ceramica presents new ceramic tile manufactured in wood look. We present his latest collection - Millelegni.

Wooden tiles design - modern solution for flooring

Flooring & Tiles

The latest collection of ceramic tile by Emil Ceramica includes four wood species from different regions of the world: Italy, Canada, Scotland and Japan, and impressive sleek and neutral colors. It combines the natural look of wood with the texture of ripples. Tiles wood design to suit any interior. They can be combined with different interior styles. The company offers its customers a wide choice of colors and color combinations. Creativity is secured by a stylish design phase.

Wooden tiles design - great idea for modern interior design

Tile in wood optics - high quality Italian design

Design Tiles Wood can in the living room, bring in the lobby, dining room and therefore a natural feel. Sand tiles look perfect optics through an alien inside. The collection from Italian Millelegni bestricht interesting patterns. The high quality tiles in Holzopzik are increasingly being used as a substitute for parquet and laminate flooring. Its sleek design fascinated by the elegance and natural look.

Design Tile wood floors mimic

Tile in wood optics - high quality Italian design

Tiles in the Sand Optics - natural look with ripples in the Room

Tile in wood optics - high quality Italian design

Ask pale wood floors in the living room

Tile in wood optics - high quality Italian design

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