Trundle bed with a roof Store invites adventure


Children need fresh air, especially games and adventure. Cot with a tent roof and the playful design evokes the imagination of children and represents a good mood.

Room with a tent roof awakens the imagination of children


Often we are faced with the challenge of finding space for all the necessary items of furniture in the nursery. Of course, there is little free space for a guest bed, much less a tent. The designer Mathy office Bols solved the problem - and led to a market of multi-use design. The trundle bed with a roof tent is compact and very functional. Timber stable creates a sense of security. A roller door is locked by the small strip of wood on the bed. Both sides of the tent are left open - for good ventilation.

Trundle bed with tent roof space saving design and fun

Trundle bed with a roof Store invites adventure

Cot with a tent roof is available in different colors. Children change very rapidly their favorite colors - the bed can easily be repainted accordingly. The color of the bed frame must be coordinated with the device. The green color creates a cheerful atmosphere and is suitable for a modern / minimalist. The simple white color fits perfectly inside or equipment such purists in Scandinavian style. It can be updated by colorful blankets and linen spray. The decor is left to the imagination of parents and children - together they can add a personal touch to the design.

Curtain or bed? The bed offers a playground during the day and an extra bed in the evening

Trundle bed with a roof Store invites adventure

Adventure in the room his son - a bed with a roof tent

Trundle bed with a roof Store invites adventure

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