Architectural sink design with dynamic wing shape

Bathroom Furniture

Italians have long been known for its furniture elegant bathroom. The design of the sink that we present is still a testament to the creativity of the manufacturer. The look has delighted us with its minimalist form!

Elegant design sink in architectural form


The sink Falper Italian design company offers individuality and architectural appearance. The freestanding sink has a wing shape and glossy surface. The minimalist Badmöbelstück has a slightly convoluted. Two boxes - one for accessories bathroom and the second for recessed lighting add to the overall concept. The successful construction of the basin can be combined with a base cabinet, the beauty of the sink is visible in all cases only in the standalone version. The material of the sink is made is extremely oppositional and hygienic. The sink can be set up perfectly as an accent in a minimalist bathroom. Special voltage make contrasts between black and white bathroom tile vanity. Even small bathrooms benefit from the design - the narrower shape creates an optical illusion and makes the wall look.

Sink design - minimalist perfection

Architectural sink design with dynamic wing shape

Falper the Italian brand has already announced throughout Europe with its elegant creations. Society sink design follows the minimalist principles. Modern processing technology and high quality materials which can be recycled to help designers themselves to perform complex projects quickly and easily. Glass, marble or plastic ultra-modern there are many things to use. Even high quality ceramic is vorgezogen.Die talented designers work effectively with the rich experience of the team of staff possible. Ultimately, a modern bathroom, where everyone wants - a modern, convenient and tasty. It is an oasis that invites you to relax after a long day at work and at the same time convinced with style and presence.

Furniture bathroom - basin and mirror

Architectural sink design with dynamic wing shape

Accessories modern bathrooms are in line with the overall approach

Architectural sink design with dynamic wing shape

Originality of Italy - high quality design furniture for the bathroom

Architectural sink design with dynamic wing shape

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