Decorated with wooden furniture – a healthy life and Nachhaltifkeit

Solid wood furniture

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Solid wood furniture has a natural charisma and many decide now because of the growing awareness of the environment with natural materials. And 'configured with solid wood furniture for healthy living and sustainable.

Many vendors offer just mean putting up with Massiholzmöbeln online store called DeLife GmbH The company ensures that all the materials are of significant environmental extraction, processing and use. Here, the principle of sustainability is central, so fans of environmental consciousness is offering a wide range of solid wood furniture.

Furnished with solid wood furniture - the concept of Quality Solid Wood

Furniture Design

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The concept of quality "hardwood" is subjected to a rigorous standard (DIN 68871) for wooden furniture, they are not the same as "massive". In this regard, it is explained that the furniture can be described as solid wood furniture, whether in all regions (with the exception of drawers funds / feedback) solid wood and are not plated. Thus, for example, "timber" as a piece of furniture with the exception of the rear wall and the drawer from the group consisting of beech. In the timber, not shown, as used for example to the center guide strip and to read the book, softwood can be used and offers good value for money is achieved. In this case, the stability is not affected.

The starting material for solid wood furniture is made of laminated plates glued or wood grown. In the first place, the wood of a long-term preservation is subjected to drying. Next, is then separated in a blade mill, cut to size and planed. A glued arises from the fact that all the blades have the same type of wood, the diameter and the length of the adhesive and a pressing plate are interconnected. A natural wood is closer to that structure. In addition, the wood can breathe continue.

Furnished with solid wood furniture - the advantages of solid wood furniture

Decorated with wooden furniture - a healthy life and Nachhaltifkeit

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Can be provided with the use of solid wood furniture for an optimal indoor climate and comfort, wood is porous. Similarly, the powder and the electrostatic charge, which in turn is antibacterial.

One of the biggest advantages of solid wood furniture is the stability and robustness. Thus, it can be lived intensely with furniture without fear that it would not object to heavy use.

The main wood and their properties

Decorated with wooden furniture - a healthy life and Nachhaltifkeit

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Among the hardwood most important and best-known include:

- Beech

- Oak

- Birch

- Teak

- Cherry

- Larch

- Ramin

The book is probably one of the most famous of solid wood. Here, very hard wood is particularly suitable for the transport of furniture. Book particularly useful for bleaching wood heart as often reddish. The same oak resistant. In addition, the fine wood is solid, durable, flexible and resistant to weathering. When the Germans and the Greeks of this species has also been considered sacred.

Birch is often used especially for furniture and interior design, as well as veneer and plywood. Moreover, this type of wood is suitable for fine wood imitation. These precious wood is also teak. Teak was originally from Thailand and Burma, where now the main species of teak is grown in many tropical countries, such as Java. Here this exotic wood is traditionally used for furniture and shipbuilding.

Particularly popular is the cherry wood because of its gilded wood, nachdunkelnden red. The bird and the wild cherry is a sweet cherry of the ancestral species, which is a natural component of mixed forests in Germany. However, the title has not recovered because the wood in the 19th century was preferentially taken during the Biedermeier period. Meanwhile, with more planted, so that the rate of increase in volume again.

Larch wood is known for its hardness and is usually used for windows. Similarly, for ramin wood moldings, frames, doors and furniture used. Here, this species is dominant in the swampy forests of Malaysia and Indonesia shaft.

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