Eccentric carpet design "archipelago" of Laure Kasiers


People with eccentric tastes often surround themselves with designer pieces that focus on their individual style. A fancy design rugs complete the overall picture of an individual apartment. The carpet "archipelago", by designer Laure Kasiers Brussels, is a high quality, unique and handy accessory for the home. Its dynamic geometric texture is suitable for all types of flooring and a modern look to your living spaces.

carpet design on the border between art and design

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Graduate textile designer Laure Kasiers experimenriert on the border between art and design, to make the design unique carpet. It attaches great importance to the attractive look and feel of their creations just as delicate. "Archipelago" is similar to a small floating island in the lake. Above all, it is the process. For polypropylene was used. The colored fabric with swirls like structure that create a sense of depth, were wrapped around each other. Due to the color effect essate international dimensions.

Design of multi-purpose "archipelago" carpet

Eccentric carpet design "archipelago" of Laure Kasiers

A modern product design, it is also the carpet design must provide an additional function. In "islands" are removable and individual become a moment in cushions and comfortable cushions on the floor details. Round rug is available in two sizes - 210 × 190 × 140 cm or 160 cm, with special designs are also possible.

Reason lively shimmering surface

Eccentric carpet design "archipelago" of Laure Kasiers

Designer Laure Kasiers opened his shop in 2011 and studio in Brussels. It offers endless furnishing solutions and drawings drawings that create an atmosphere of warm charm of the room. Knitted in all their high quality rugs are handmade. What is the background in graphic design is Kasiers scene in their textile designs. It draws with the use of traditional materials, sometimes with waste and address the issue of mobility and Gestalung contrast. To meet the needs of customers optimally, Laura leaves much room for creative experimentation with shapes, textures and patterns.

The mat can be converted into floor cushions

Eccentric carpet design "archipelago" of Laure Kasiers

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