Modern furniture and use of wood in the study.

  Wood furniture

Wooden furniture is stable, comfortable, interesting and above all very charming. Wooden furniture can be adapted to any kind of home. Normally cottages and chalets are decorated with wooden furniture and this helps to create an original and romantic look but this style works well for the interior design of a studio apartment as well.

Unusual wooden kitchen.

modern furniture design

Interior Design


Wooden furniture in a modern and original style for your studio is a different approach to minimalist interior. We often see minimalist apartments, which are decorated with plastic, marble, steel or stone furniture and decorative elements. The reason for this is that a bedroom is smaller and based around free space so solid wood furniture can look awkward and out of place.

Wooden furniture.

Furniture Design


However, wooden home furniture can be quite compact and innovative and can actually fit in your studio. Folding furniture or those with unusual shapes and forms are ideal for narrow and small studies. So this is the reason why wooden furniture was originally designed and manufactured to order for private clients.

Wooden table - an original idea.

Ideas of modern furniture and original wooden for study

Bentwood furniture and inlaid wood are high trending in interior design, they are warm and welcoming. On the other hand teak and bamboo are also increasing in popularity. Designers and manufacturers rely on materials and methods in line with the objective of preserving natural resources and provide a good idea of ​​the lifestyle you can have with furniture made from natural materials.

Couch - leather and wood.

Ideas of modern furniture and original wooden for study

Exclusive long bridge chair by Kyle Buckner.

Ideas of modern furniture and original wooden for study

Strange wooden bathtub.

Ideas of modern furniture and original wooden for study

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