Innovative designers Bank absorbs rainwater


March Asia were commissioned by BMW Guggenheim Lab with an innovative design that develops the city in a different direction. The Bank impresses designers with an innovative concept for functional cushion to absorb rainwater. The "water bank" is an adaptable modular system, which was designed according to the traditional notions of a Chesterfield sofa. It reflects the special atmosphere of a private lounge.

Bank of designers inspired by the originality and effectiveness


Unconventional piece of furniture has been introduced as a prototype in a series of little details that focus on multifunctionality and sustainability in urban development. Designers Bank responds to the formation of water-dependency in urban landscapes. The "water bank" makes parks and public spaces, regardless of tap water and again just after the rain usable. Product effectively prevents the effects of floods and droughts. Network management of fresh water that is possible.

Structure of designer functional Archive

Innovative designers Bank absorbs rainwater

The pure aesthetic is inspired by the style of the eighteenth century. The base material of this project is recycled polyethylene. The surface of the bank came with the effect of the texture of padding. As rainwater is stored moisture is reduced and the surface remains dry and perfect for a comfortable seat. Bank of designers is offered with three different storage capacities - 500, 1000 and 1800 liters. You can with a screw cap for other urban scenarios. For green spaces are often consumes large amounts of natural resources. In this case, the bank for gardens or greenhouses is suitable because it can be used as a water tank. This is the best solution for playgrounds and public parks. Mumbai, the most populous city in India, has been chosen to test this innovative product range. The first schools of water have been installed in two parks in the prototype stage einjährlicher. Citizens satisfied that the share of MARS designer functional Archive Asia absorbs rainwater and beautify green spaces in the city with elegance.

Innovative corner in the rain

Innovative designers Bank absorbs rainwater

Bank of designers is easy to install

Innovative designers Bank absorbs rainwater

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