Mobile Reading Malcew furniture design allows creative variety

designer furniture

The reading can be a pleasure to be. This idea will be exciting for all lovers of reading. Flexible Tree House is a design drawing Malcew for office space in Singapore. The reading corner with shelves mounted on rollers and is popular pastime for a special experience. Reading books furniture design Dmitri Malcew will never be the same! Immerse yourself in the world of books!

Exclusive designer furniture in reading with wheels and built-in shelving

Reading corner

Multifunctional furniture is perfectly suited for a reading corner. The movable piece of furniture can be placed in public spaces, as well as at home. It can move from one room to another, when the light of the sun, for example, is not enough. The inner walls of the "home reading" are based in sunny yellow and blue, with soft padding. White oak finish brings out the natural beauty and creates a sense of security and privacy without having to secrete. Interior design is a matter of personal taste. Ottomans are removable and can be designed so that you can enjoy maximum comfort during playback depending on your preference.

Curling up with designer furniture in the shape of a house with a gable roof

Furniture Design

In a read-exclusive furniture there is room for a small TV with wireless radio receiver. If you have finished reading, you can organize the stool around a small table in the middle of the room around and invite her friends in the comfortable seating area. If not used, the design of furniture Malcew correct reading as an element of the partition of the space.

Reading chair design TILT provides assurance of privacy protection

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