Poly rattan garden furniture – endless design possibilities

Garden Furniture

Recreation and leisure in our fast time of immense importance. More and more people create their own paradise in your backyard. Here, especially from poly rattan garden furniture are more popular than ever and offer almost limitless design possibilities for any size garden.

Poly rattan furniture - sturdy material

Lounge Furniture

Wicker is a synthetic fiber that mimics the natural rattan. Its beneficial properties such as weather resistance and color, form and freedom of high stability, making it an ideal material for the fiber quality and the most creative furniture.

Living spaces comfortable and modern

Especially popular especially living landscapes full of poly rattan. Comprising a Polyrattansofa, several chairs and a table, lounge feeling can not bring your own garden. Most models have a modular design. Concretely, this means that you can expand arbitrarily set at any time.

wicker furniture with a creative design

Poly rattan

How can individually poly rattan garden furniture look, some designers show us. Create furniture with very unusual shapes. The wicker sofa in high heel turn to sofa bed upholstered outdoor apple shape, everything is possible.

However, conventional forms are more popular than ever and many already rich gardens. Supplier "furniture Express.de" German focuses on a good mix of traditional wicker furniture and some fancy models and offer new designs each season.

The lounge is even cozier


Only the interaction of garden furniture and appropriate lighting provides the perfect feel-good atmosphere. Everything is alive and welcoming, where the green of nature is located in the region and destroy furniture color mismatch garden the bigger picture.

Poly rattan garden furniture - endless design possibilities

Liquidation and bright wicker furniture fit perfectly in the garden, ensure well-being. In addition, you can set the color buttons with colorful cushions or leave the seating area with white cushions seem clearer.

Poly rattan garden furniture - endless design possibilities

If you spend some time in the evenings in the garden, so here provides decorative lighting for stylish fun. Especially here own LED lights, but candles create the right mood for the day.

Poly rattan garden furniture - endless design possibilities

Photos: Wicker Paradise via Flickr

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