Transparent Baby Basket – Light "Harmony" by Baby Bjorn

Transparent Baby Basket - Light "Harmony" Baby Bjorn

baby basket

This lightweight cradle is designed to create a sweet harmony and a peaceful, safe place for your baby. The baby basket "Harmony" transparent by Baby Bjorn is the ideal place to stay for the newborn, which is to protect day and night. It is so small and light that you can easily carry. It is also not a problem finding space for this basket in your living room.

This baby basket is sure he will never slip by itself. Own baby's movements can not cause slippage. Therefore, if you are too busy, the baby can stay in the cradle and all you have to do is take a look from time to time. Of course, you can weigh the baby to get him to sleep. The Cradle Will Rock perfectly smooth and calm. You can be sure that there is no chance that the baby was injured in the cradle. The cradle is absolutely safe and comfortable. "Sleep like a baby" has a whole new meaning, thanks to the Cot "Harmony" Baby Bjorn.

Cot "Harmony" transparent by Baby Bjorn

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The Baby basket "Harmony" Baby Bjorn has a comfortable very comfortable as is soft inside. The baby basket is not only comfortable and safe, it is authentic, beautiful, and also a very elegant piece of furniture. It is made of perforated with modern design and contemporary elements transparent fabric. Your newborn can spend the night in the home during the day, it can stay there. Babies need to sleep a lot, so they can grow. The mother must ensure that the child receives a safe, healthy and restful sleep. Give your baby the best rest. We need more than anything else.

Baby sleeping peaceful

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