build garden stairs – design give a sense of dynamism

Garden Stairs

You have a beautiful garden, but the field is strong enough and you do not know exactly what you can do with it? No problem, we can help you. The scale of the garden is the right solution for you! But here we have to warn you in advance: build a garden scale is not as easy as it may seem. And 'therefore beneficial to read the tips and continue to investigate the matter.

The scales can build enough garden to stimulate the imagination


We believe that in every garden, but there is not enough space for a staircase there. The Teppen in the garden, you always connect first with the steep terrain, which do not necessarily share. If you have already created a garden of fire, they found determines that gives a new look to any outdoor space. With stairs suddenly changes the look of your garden, it seems more interesting and attractive. If the scale is sent and applied elegant garden, they can add a decorative accent in the garden and give everyone the uniqueness of the outdoor area.

build garden stairs - create multiple planes at different heights

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

In steep terrain, everything is simple. You just have to choose the best place where you create the stairs, she was lying there and a nice visual effect. Flat land, you still need to create several layers of different heights. You can make it even more versatile garden creating descents and unusual places that are ideal to sit and relax. Here there are always given the best rule Garden: The garden is the place where we relax and enjoy our time! Please do not forget!

build garden stairs: How is the amount determined?

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

Scales are determined to build the size of a garden formula, while the shape of the imagination is left. An important requirement for the construction and safe descent is the size of the stairs. You need to find exactly the right size. The most common formula combines two dimensions - height and width. The sum of both the width and height of a step corresponds to the passage of a human - about 62-65 cm. The height of the step is usually 10 to 16 cm. In other words, a step of 16 cm, width 30 cm. Steep stairs and narrow (less than 30 cm) are not recommended in the yard, because they give us a sense of insecurity.

Several forms are possible

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

In the form of garden stairs, you can already give free rein to your imagination. E 'permitted by the design of stairs, vary widely. All forms are possible, avoid falls. Thus, the stairs can in a (round elliptical V) unusual shape, but it is annoying for a long time. You can also combine the stairs of the group, looks super cool! An interesting effect occurs even when you change the direction of the garden stairs to a corner or a curve, instead of applying only in a straight line.

What to do with a steep slope?

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

Stairs on the slopes must be secured with a balustrade. Can be disposed on a side not to limit the space. In many cases, it is desirable to construct a retaining wall, which increases the field in the area of ​​the steps and can prevent a slip. In many cases, opt for natural balustrade "green" is to plant shrubs and vines near. Fragrant and aromatic plants in decorative pots lush flowers may mark the end of the garden stairs.

build garden stairs - wood, stone or concrete?

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

The style of the house determines the type of material classic, rustic or modern romantic. The stairs can be made of a different material to suit their needs and style of the house in accordance with the established tracks and playgrounds. The material must be resistant to weathering, abrasion-resistant and easy to maintain. Most of the materials that are suitable for the garden, are natural materials - mainly wood and stone. Innovative solutions can be obtained with the combination of different types and colors of stone, small and large pieces of granite and others. marble stairs are suitable for the classic design in the garden and do not correspond to rustic.

Design ideas for garden designers

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

Interesting combination born of stone and brick. The warm color of the brick staircase goes perfectly with a classic villa or cottage. Granite and ceramics with the necessary qualities are very popular recently to cover the garden stairs. However, it is necessary that these materials have a rough surface, so they do not slip when rain or dangerous rain. On the market, you can find the decorative concrete tiles, artificial, impressive imitation of various types of stone. They have a texture and color. They are an excellent complement to the modern architecture and dar. Old buildings, wooden stairs blend harmoniously with the many garden plants, but do not fit well with the classical architecture. To survive in difficult weather conditions, the wood must be resistant to moisture, which means that it must be treated with special technology.

Creating a garden path in the garden pond

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

You see, build garden stairs are again spoiled for choice - many choices at your disposal. Our advice is to listen to your inner voice, because you really can not hurt! We wish you much success!

Building a garden stairs from various materials themselves

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

In the garden t create Reppen natural stone

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

Flower-shaped Stepping Stones

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

build garden stairs - design give a sense of dynamism

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