Design lamp "Torch" for lovers of unusual things

Floor lamp design

All lovers of unusual things and extravagant designs can now simply take your breath away: the design of the floor lamp "Torch" is the right choice if you want to also put in his apartment a natural accent and industrial inspiration. The original lamp with bulb, which combines the rough appearance of concrete, wood heat and copper metallic sheen.

Handcrafted Lamp recalls nature


Inspired by a walk through the woods, the design of the floor lamp "Torch" is a mixture of materials that otherwise would not fit. Eclecticism is deliberately chosen as the design effect. The different textures and shapes are subject to design immediately catches the eye. For the production of light wood stand, concrete base and copper used.

Rustic Lamp

Design lamp "Torch" for lovers of unusual things

The precipitate and the floor lamp design inspired by nature is both minimalist and modern interior and can be integrated into almost any room. If you want the evening to retire comfortably and read a book, the lamp is removed only by the width of a hand.
L '+ bark design tool can be inspired by nature and believe that beauty comes in many forms and can be found everywhere. The high quality of their products is guaranteed by precise craftsmanship. Here, a high demand is placed on Umweltfreundlichtkeit.

A design tool Bark +

Design lamp "Torch" for lovers of unusual things

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