Interior Design: What are the trends in interior design for 2015

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In recent years, the interior design has always shown different trends that either failed or modern oriented themselves in different styles. Who wants to start a home or apartment that does not necessarily have to be as an interior designer. Thus, magazines, newspapers or on the internet many suggestions. When it comes to building or remodeling, interested parties may consult, for example, the real estate market ( Getting inspirations. As the current trends and interior design for 2015 looks like it will be discussed in more detail below, which also serves as a source of inspiration.

Furniture Trends: Bauhaus style and modern interior design

Interior Design

As in previous years the rest of next year, the Bauhaus style and there is always more popular. In this case, it was known in 1919 by Walter Gropius and will be taken by the majority of architects and interior designers yet. This particular style is characterized by straight lines. This concerns not only the space, but also furniture. Living room are combined for example with upholstered furniture and a simple metal table with glass top. The imagination and design are limits.

In addition to the Bauhaus style are always fun shapes are in the modern interior architecture. Also remain the multi-storey houses and galleries popular. The railing in the galleries are often made of metal and wood, so as to set special accents. Furthermore, spacious rooms remain in vogue. It also allows parts of the room. For example, a large living room and dining room is divided by an area with padded and the other area will be equipped with furniture rustic furniture. The room can be separated by a sliding door (eg glass).

Interior Design: What are the trends in interior design for 2014

Racking systems bands have reason to rejoice because it will stay in fashion next year. Many of storage space, for example, a piece of separator to create the form of a shelving system. Regarding the drawings, everything is allowed here.

neo-classical style and fragments: the furniture trends

Interior Design: What are the trends in interior design for 2014

Since the beginning of 2014, the interior design is inspired by the Greek and Roman themes. Murals, columns, busts and statues are then updated. There will also be fragmented and fractal elements, which are expressed through geometric shapes. But most of the time all will literally turn in a circle, because everything can be round, is also rounded.

Environment and Sustainable Development

Interior Design: What are the trends in interior design for 2014

In the coming year, the focus is on environmental compatibility. And the backgrounds are long and replaced by wood as a wall covering. They are also used surface treatment of walls only natural materials.

Regarding the value of the furniture is also placed on sustainability. It consists of social, economic and ecological. Created hence the use of wood or furniture that was produced in fair labor conditions and the rational use of resources. In other words: Furniture of plastics or contaminated furniture are out. On the other hand furniture is made from renewable raw materials and treated with oil, wax or varnish, of course, continue the trend. This trend has already many providers and managed exclusively offer durable furniture that were made with raw materials produced in a sustainable way.

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