Exclusive kitchen design.

  Engineering: Interior Design Rathke.de Loft apartments or the apartment in the attic is the new vanguard in luxury living. With these living spaces you can be in the middle of a busy, hectic city and yet experience a completely calm and relaxing home life. The generous use of glass provides a clear view of the landscaped roof terrace. The individual rooms are divided conceptually along a logical line and coordinated into the overall design. This project is purposeful and precise. The values the design seeks to achieve are clear, rest and solitude are woven into the quality and competence of the work that has gone into creating this space.  The design exudes exclusivity and elegance, the decor has been tethered to this ideal. The rich, large slabs of natural stone and wood were used primarily to mimic natural textures, surfaces and tones. The brightness and dimensions create an uplifting and tranquil atmosphere. The way the light varies gently across the floors, walls and ceilings leads your eye across the rooms to discover new depth to the space.  The large windows offer plenty of light and a beautiful view across the diversity of the seasons. Upon request, rooms can be fitted with LED lighting, you can also have the option to change the intensity and even color of the lighting if you wish. The technical equipment developed by EIB: A central touchscreen controls all the systems, combined with the ability to play music in all the sub-regions such as in the sauna or in the background. Kitchen

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