LED Flexible Strip Lighting with Led e3light

LED strip

LED strips and aesthetic practices of Flex e3light are developing a new innovation for the demanding lighting surface and can be used in almost all situations. LED lighting with motion sensor has been developed for business owners e3light Flemming Andersen and Viktor renew his private home in Denmark in 2011.

LED lighting with streaks of light - a practical solution for every home


The lighting in the dressing room and needed a finely tuned concept has received a helping hand to their needs, or demanding customers, and secondly, the stadium fund unique, attractive. The commercial product was developed with a high level of environmental protection, in a way that supports modern amenities. The idea was to combine the classical led light, with a motion sensor.

Effective in every room - flexible LED tape

LED Flexible Strip Lighting with Led e3light

Imagine times before that the world would be at night without turning elektisches? The light around us, and we depend on them. Bands led by Flex are available in lengths of 2.5 m and 5 m at intervals of 10 cm divisible. 60 diodes are mounted to the meter. Thanks to its flexibility, the band can be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Equipped with a power supply, LED strips offer 3000kelvin temperatures and are therefore ideal for ambient lighting. Lamp power is 4.8 W / M.

Flex Strip LED e3light

LED Flexible Strip Lighting with Led e3light

Automatic LED strips are very convenient and saves time. If the floor is illuminated from below by the main strip, it affects the classroom. In addition to purely aesthetic effect, LED lighting with motion sensor offers another advantage - in children, the risk can be avoided somehow the small edges and corners. The room is lit attractive and safe for the health of children.

LED lighting with motion sensor

LED Flexible Strip Lighting with Led e3light

E3light is synonymous with sustainable development and encourages the use of light sources and energy efficient environment friendly. In order to limit the negative impact on the environment, e3light Group provides solutions for energy efficient lighting innovations.

A smart lighting solution

LED Flexible Strip Lighting with Led e3light

Flexible Strip Lights

LED Flexible Strip Lighting with Led e3light

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