Modern Design Chandelier – look exciting in the living room

Chandelier crystal

The chandelier is the star in the lounge. Whatever the materials, the construction is always the same: The main body consists essentially of an iron frame or metal merges with elegant details. They akzentieren small, bright elements are made of different materials. We present a modern design chandelier from Köket, creating an exciting look to your living room.

The highest point in the living room - the design chandelier trend


A modern chandelier with an interesting concept represents a unique asset to the apartment to give. The chandelier has Köket by the mysterious name of "Nymph". Many gold butterflies covering the main body. The beautiful jewelry bestricht elegance and aesthetics. Butterflies allow chandelier looks like a jewel. The light passes through the openings between the gold butterflies, and can therefore be a framework exciting and spectacular light effects are produced. The delicate design of this nymph masterful combination of different elements that fit perfectly in your living room. In the wings of butterflies ten o'clock bulbs are hidden, which covers the fabric of the mysterious light of the chandelier.

Modern Chandelier Design by Köket - elegant and trendy

Modern Design Chandelier - look exciting in the living room

The color palette can be compulsorily made of bronze, silver or gold. The length of modern gloss is about 75 cm. Butterflies "fly" in the living room and it looks as if they were real. The concept entfürht in another world - where there are no restrictions - the gold butterflies are a symbol of Freiheit.Sie ​​emphasize the individuality of the room and modern design chandelier is the focal point.

A project for the different elements of the modern conception of the Nymph

Modern Design Chandelier - look exciting in the living room

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