Radiator Guide: Spoilt for choice


Every owner of a house or condo will have to face sooner or later, with the issue heaters. If a new home built, it falls very quickly, but also when an existing property is purchased, it may be necessary in connection with the restructuring of having to buy radiator correspondence. While the radiators were relatively uniform, a couple of generations ago, today is an excellent choice, so much more to see the forest for the trees.

Guides heaters: radiant heat for allergy sufferers

Interior Design

There are radiators with two fundamental differences that should be considered. Thus, the heat is felt as pleasant, it is often advisable to opt for a model that produces radiant heat. In these heaters is generated by infrared radiant heat. Objects, however, all the air in the room is heated, but set only the rays. These are, on the one hand furniture, but of course, the person who stays in the room. A big advantage is for people who are allergic react to house dust or pollen, as this method is not dust shall be agitated. By convection, in which the ambient air is heated by the resistance, the other, a circulation of air will take place.

Guides radiator - Flexibilät

Radiator Guide: Spoilt for choice

Section radiator heating devices are typical that are appropriate in many older homes and apartments. As it is very easy to achieve a higher heat flux in space with the members and they are cheap, they are still very popular, especially when large areas need to be heated.

However, those who do not have problems with allergies, it can of course use a heater. These heaters are available in various sizes and models, which has the advantage that their wishes with installing them can be easily met. Inhabitants concern, however, that the models are often relatively expensive.

Tubular radiators for the bathroom - Heating Guide

Radiator Guide: Spoilt for choice

the heating pipes are mainly used in the bathroom to use. They can be found in many designs and are very well adapted to dry towels after use. Are also an interesting solution that can be easily cleaned. However, if they are once buffered, taken radiator, swallow as a part of the heat. It must then be heated to heat the bathroom, so that high energy costs.

Underfloor heating invisible

Radiator Guide: Spoilt for choice

Panel radiators are now visible in many properties. They are relatively quiet and have good thermal performance. Invisible hand, are underfloor heating systems, which are installed in the floor. The rooms can be designed in this case, because no one has to consider the radiator. The heat uniformly distributed in space; Therefore, in the bathroom floor heating is often installed as if cold corners are avoided. As far as the ground does not need to be taken into account here; only normal carpet should not be placed in a big way, the heating power is reduced to a minimum. There are special systems for underfloor heating mat that solve this problem.

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