Air source heat pump reduces heating costs overview of the system


The heat pump air source recently gaining more and more popularity. The economic crisis and the lack of resources that many people are looking for alternative heating. A heat pump extracts energy from the air and is therefore an ecological variant that reduces CO2 emissions and save energy costs. We present the system by Daikin which offers complete solutions for heating and hot water.

How a heat pump system with air

Interior Design

The heat pump air source is an effective solution, which heats the whole house and produces hot water. A heat pump can extract energy from the outside air, or working with solar energy. In this case, the solar collectors use solar energy and further reduce energy costs. Altherma can generate 1kW of electricity consumption between 3kW and 5kW heat. As a result, harmful CO2 emissions are reduced by over 57% compared to oil heating systems and more than 28% compared to heating with gas. The Daikin can completely control the climate of your home - there are different versions available, combine heating, cooling and ventilation.

Heat pump air source - Overview of variants

Air source heat pump reduces heating costs overview of the system

There are three types of heating systems with heat pumps.

The first possibility is that the low temperature pump air from the heat source, which is combined with an external device. This system is extremely weather resistant and can even withstand the cold winter without problems. A quiet indoor unit heats the water for the household. This system is suitable for new buildings or buildings with good insulation, and can both heat and cold. Radiators, convectors or different floor - it depends on the personal prefer.

The second variant is a monobloc which consists of an outdoor unit. A water collector is connected to the inside of water pipes by the outdoor unit. Again, cooling, heating and hot water production is possible.

The third solution consists of an outer body, to be connected to the plurality of air conditioners. This system allows the control of the temperature in each individual room. A wide range of floor units and wall providing practical solutions for every room.

Hot water for domestic use

Air source heat pump reduces heating costs overview of the system

One of the biggest advantages of the heat pump air source is that it can provide hot water up to 750C for budget problems. Simple installation can reduce maintenance costs - up to 33% compared to gas heating.

Heat pump air source compared to GSHP

Air source heat pump reduces heating costs overview of the system

Compared to heat pumps heat pump air has a clear advantage - it's a solution that respects the environment. Heiyungssystem the heat pump has three parts - the outer body, the internal body and boiler / on the photo above /. The simple installation of these elements and low maintenance costs are a plus.

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