Whirlpool bath wooden outdoor fun


Whirlpool wood supply for swimming fun for the whole family - can be used in winter and summer and is heated by a wood stove. This variant flexible, requires no electricity and is economy and convenient alternative space to the pool or spa.

Whirlpool wood - to enjoy the winter outdoors

Patio area

The hot tub is made ​​of wood, in fact, two separate tanks - one is a stainless steel oven, which was then covered with wood. Featuring a wood-burning stove, this bath is designed for use in winter. The simple design and the water circulation to improve the comfort factor and ensure a spa experience outside the area outside. The extremely durable wood has been specially treated and can be easily withstand rain and snow. So do not expect to leave to enjoy a romantic sunset for two, or invite friends to a "pool party"!

Handmade wooden Whirlpool with a rustic look

Whirlpool bath wooden outdoor fun

The hot tub is a design workshop iconic Dutch Dutch

Whirlpool bath wooden outdoor fun

A small wood stove heats the water to

Whirlpool bath wooden outdoor fun

The spa can accommodate up to four people

Whirlpool bath wooden outdoor fun

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