Design pendant lamp "O" oak Sverre Uhnger

Pendant lights

If you are looking for a modern design pendant lamp, this model is a great idea for your home. Warm wood tones are a great point of reference, anytime, anywhere. This piece of design is a design by Swedish designer based in Oslo Sverre Uhnger. The suspension was supplied with the "O" and is a development of the design of the lamp "Oo." Both models give the room a unique atmosphere of elegance and simplicity.

Design pendant lamp by a factor of well-being


Design pendant lamp "O" speak the same   Language as the table lamp "Oo." It has been used for the preparation of European oak. The table lamp swing arm has been replaced here by a long flexible cable. It allows user-friendly experience. The pendant can be adjusted in height and any angle. A user-switch configuration is also possible.

Suspension lamp elegant and individual

Design pendant lamp "O" oak Sverre Uhnger

Sverre Uhnger is a specialist in furniture design and a flair for design and modern design. Its design pendant lamp "O" is perfectly integrated in a simple Scandinavian interiors. The same simplicity hides invented pretty pendant light an LED bulb and creates a beautiful light. This maximum is guaranteed the enjoyment of light.

Scandinavian design

Design pendant lamp "O" oak Sverre Uhnger

Wooden lamp with shade hemispherical

Design pendant lamp "O" oak Sverre Uhnger

Suspension European oak in a warm finish

Design pendant lamp "O" oak Sverre Uhnger

Management of the flexible cable

Design pendant lamp "O" oak Sverre Uhnger

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